This story takes place during the mind fusion between Spock and Kirk in the original series episode, The Paradise Syndrome, in which Captain Kirk was zapped inside a deflector obelisk and lost his memory. Spock is doing the mind fusion to restore Kirk's memory before an asteroid destroys the planet and the starship Enterprise. During his memory lapse, Kirk has married a native babe, and he and his wife have been stoned for failing to be able to save the people from the asteroid.

The quoted words in the story are the precise words spoken by the actors, Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, during the mind fusion scene, and the other words are their thoughts.

Meeting of the Minds

by Milo Swanton

“I am Spock.”

Who are you? I don’t remember any Spock. Are you the god of this obelisk? The people expect me to save them, but I’m no god. A god doesn’t bleed. I’m just a man like the rest of the people. I don’t know who I am.

“You are James Kirk.”

Kirok. The people call me Kirok. I came from the obelisk and now I must go back to save them. Do you know how to get inside?

I do not. The answer is buried deep in your memory, Captain, and I’m touching your mind to help you remember. Our thoughts must become one.

You’re in my head. How are you speaking to me?

“Our minds are moving closer.”

I see you now, not with my eyes, but like a dream. I’ve been having dreams of people and places from a past I don’t remember, the life before I found myself inside the oracle. I don’t understand the dream.


You’re the stoic one in the dreams, the man with no feelings. I should know you. Your place has been at my side.


You’re a Vulcan. That’s how you’re able to get inside my head. This is a mind meld. I’ve seen you do this.

Not a meld, Jim. This is a fusing of our minds. My thoughts must become your thoughts, and yours mine. That’s how you’ll remember.

I’m reading your thoughts. You think of me as a friend. Your memories tell me we’ve been through life and death together.

“Closer, James Kirk.”

You have feelings behind your thoughts, Spock. I feel your shame, although I don’t understand. To feel is human, and you’re half human.


Do you feel my emotions? I’ve been so happy. This place beneath the blue sky, so peaceful with the lakes and trees, is where I belong with the woman I love.

This is not your home. You come from somewhere else. You belong on the bridge of a starship.


Remember your life as a Starfleet captain.

I won’t. I’m Kirok, a husband and medicine man, and I’m going to be a father.

The memories are here in your mind. Come with me and I’ll show them to you. You are, “James Kirk.”

I don’t want those memories. I’m happy with this life.

This life will end in less than an hour when the asteroid arrives. This is why the sky darkens, the wind blows, and the ground trembles. Your memories contain the secret to access the portal that will deflect the asteroid from destroying this planet. You must recall them to save the people, and your wife.


You must remember in order to save her. She’s lying here on the pedestal with you. Her wounds are severe.

“No, Miramanee!”

McCoy and Chapel are tending to her, but time is running short. The asteroid’s almost here. How did you get inside the oracle?

I don’t remember! The people were angry I couldn’t save them. They called me a liar and a false god. They threw so many rocks.

We must join minds for me to be able to show you the memories.

Yes, we must save Miramanee.

“Our minds are one. I am . . .”

“. . . Kirok!”

“. . . Kirok!”

We are not Kirok. We’re James Kirk and Spock.

“I am Kirok!”

“I am Kirok!”

No, we cannot be Kirok. He doesn’t remember. Only James Kirk remembers.

“I am K . . .”

Not Kirok, James Kirk.

“I, I’m Kirok!”

We are Kirk and Spock. We beamed down to this planet and somehow entered the obelisk.

“I’m . . .”

James Kirk! Spock, I remember. Let’s separate minds and I’ll tell you how I activated the deflector beam. This has been an intensely personal experience. I always knew you had emotions, and now I understand why you hide them.

And why I’ll never admit to having them to McCoy. You hide your emotions as well. You’ve had no small amount of trial and tragedy in your life.

There are no longer any secrets between us.

We will not speak of them afterwards. Jim, the fusion is broken. I am, “. . . Spock!”

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