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This home page comes to you in the colors of my all-time favorite sports team, the Green Bay Packers, who have won a record 13 championships and still play football in the cold as it should be.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame
Unfamiliar Objects to Vikings Fans

My Special Shirt

Packers World Championships on front.
Vikings World Championships on back.

Some Links Star Trek Stuff
Milo Sci-Fi Review, all past issues.
The Making of Milo (and Lisa), i.e. genealogy.
Read the complete novel, Nicky Delgado.
My encounters with living history.
Presidential Libraries.
Ronald Reagan tribute.
Caribbean cruise.
Convertible road trip.
Skillet Concert.
Book website, Fealty to the King.

I submitted these stories to a contest. Alas they didn't make the cut, so they're published here on the Milo website (with commentary).

Lobes for Politics
The Counter-Corbomite Maneuver
Battle of the Starfleet Captains
Kahless Says, "Go To Starfleet!"
Jim Kirk Day
Meeting of the Minds

Star Trek Crossword Puzzles: #1, #2

Click on the ticket for a photograph from Star Trek: The Experience.

Swanton Family Trips
South Dakota 2001
Niagara Falls 2004
Disney World 2005
Southwest 2007
Washington DC 2009
Mexico 2009
Bahamas 2011
Mediterranean 2012
Go West 2013
Click the logo to see photographs from the Unser Racing Museum.

Milo's Sacred Sites

Click on the speedway for photographs
from races I attended.

Click here to see me driving on the track.

Click on the stadium for photographs
from games I attended.
Click on the Great Andretti
to see my car racing heroes.

Click here for my driver autograph collection.

Cities & Towns Named After Me
Milo, IA
Milo, IN
Milo, ME
Milo, MO
Swanton, MD
Swanton, NE
Swanton, OH
Swanton, VT

Milo at the source of the Mississippi River in northwestern Minnesota

Milo's Vehicles of Choice

Milo with Tim Pawlenty when he was Governor of Minnesota

Gophers Games
Jayhawks Games