Nicky Delgado

The Complete Novel, by Milo Swanton

A coming of age story. Nicky Delgado is starting high school in a new city. He doesn't think anybody will like him, but the twins Butch and Eugene Simpson do. Unfortunately, his overbearing father doesn't like them!

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Chapter 1, First Day of School
Chapter 2, The Butchmobile
Chapter 3, Estrogen
Chapter 4, Meeting Uncle Marshall
Chapter 5, Temper Tantrums
Chapter 6, Heritage
Chapter 7, Eugene Comes Over
Chapter 8, Trip to Chicago
Chapter 9, Sent to the Principal's Office
Chapter 10, Going to the Races
Chapter 11, Grounded
Chapter 12, Continental Congress
Chapter 13, Dawsonites
Chapter 14, First Snow
Chapter 15, Wanda Tyler
Chapter 16, Kicked in the Nuts
Chapter 17, Kicked Out of the House
Chapter 18, Truce

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