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Latest Issue

Issue 67, February 2015 Peril Predicting Future, Hobbit, Mockingjay I, Noah, Ascension

Back Issues

Issue 66, November 2014 20th Anniversary, Crapload of Reviews
Issue 65, May 2013 Hobbit, Star Trek, Oz, Oblivion, After Earth, Cloud Atlas, Revolution, Blood & Chrome
Issue 64, July 2012 Prometheus, John Carter, Battleship, Cowboys & Aliens, Hunger Games, TV Sci-Fi, Not!
Issue 63, November 2011 Terra Nova, Inception, Source Code, In Time, Stargate Universe, B5 & BSG Similarities
Issue 62, December 2010 Dawn Treader, Tron Legacy, Stargate Universe, Caprica
Issue 61, December 2009 The Cylon Plan, Stargate Universe, 2012, Avatar
Issue 60, May 2009 Star Trek The Movie Review, Caprica, All Thumbs Down
Issue 59, April 2009 Battlestar Galactica Tribute
Issue 58, December 2008 Atlantis Post-Mortem, Stargate, Day Earth Stood Still, Prince Caspian, Journey to Center, X-Files
Issue 57, April 2008 Sci-Fi Orchestra, Stargate, Knight Rider, I Am Legend, Terminator, Flash Gordon
Issue 56, November 2007 Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Atlantis, Beowulf
Issue 55, June 2007 Stargate Tribute, BSG 3rd Season Finale, Spiderman III, Coming Up
Issue 54, July 2006 Sci-Fi Friday Report, Star Trek Good Bad & Ugly, The Island, X-Men 3, Superman
Issue 53, January 2006 Narnia, King Kong, Serenity, Aeon Flux, Zathura, Brothers Grimm, Firefly
Issue 52, October 2005 Sci-Fi Friday Report, Hitchhiker's Guide, War of the Worlds
Issue 51, May 2005 Two Great Franchises End, Star Trek and Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith
Issue 50, April 2005 Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Galactica vs. Andromeda, Star Trek Experience
Issue 49, February 2005 Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Sci-Fi, Enterprise, Jeremiah
Issue 48, November 2004 A Decade Ago..., 10 Most Cutting Opinions, Top Stuff, Movies Recap
Issue 47, October 2004 Some Philosophy, Sky Captain, I Robot, TV Reviews, DVD Bonanza
Issue 46, January 2004 Return of the King, Enterprise: Going Where Trek Has Gone Before
Issue 45, December 2003 Battlestar Galactica, Matrix Revolutions, Timeline, DVD Reviews
Issue 44, July 2003 10 Greatest Klingons, Terminator 3, Enterprise, Stargate-SG1
Issue 43, May 2003 Vitriolic Enterprise Rip, Children of Dune, X-Men 2, Matrix Reloaded
Issue 42, December 2002 The Two Towers, Star Trek Nemesis, Enterprise Rips, DVD Reviews
Issue 41, July 2002 Battle of the Starfleet Captains (revised), Best to Worst Sci-Fi Shows, Minority Report
Issue 40, May 2002 How EFC Could Have Been Better, Attack of the Clones
Issue 39, March 2002 TV Reviews, Time Machine
Issue 38, December 2001 TV Reviews, Fellowship of the Ring
Issue 37, October 2001 Enterprise, Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park III, Final Fantasy
Issue 36, June 2001 Voyager Post-Mortem, Evolution, Tomb Raider
Issue 35, March 2001 2001 Tribute, TV Reviews, Dungeons & Dragons
Issue 34, December 2000 New Season Reviews, Red Planet, Dune
Issue 33, September 2000 Charlton Heston Tribute, X-Men
Issue 32, June 2000 TV Reviews, Battlefield Earth, Mission to Mars
Issue 31, February 2000 TV Reviews, Galaxy Quest
Issue 30, November 1999 New Season Reviews, Earth: Final Conflict Synopsis, B5 Books
Issue 29, October 1999 Crusade Post-Mortem, Star Trek: The Experience, The Mummy, The Matrix
Issue 28, July 1999 Crusade Review, Roddenberry Column, B5 Timeline
Issue 27, June 1999 Deep Space Nine Tribute, Phantom Menace
Issue 26, April 1999 Redshirts R.I.P., Virus, Godzilla, Lost in Space
Issue 25, January 1999 Best Starfleet Captain, Insurrection
Issue 24, December 1998 Babylon 5 Tribute
Issue 23, September 1998 Why Corbomite is Best Trek Episode, How to Bring Back Earth 2
Issue 22, July 1998 TV Reviews, Best to Worst Sci-Fi Shows, Armageddon, Fight the Future
Issue 21, June 1998 Top 10 Worf Lines, Deep Impact
Issue 20, March 1998 Recycled 90s Series, Alien Resurrection
Issue 19, November 1997 TV Reviews, Starship Troopers
Issue 18, September 1997 Battle of the Starfleet Captains, B5 on TNT, Contact
Issue 17, June 1997 Deep Space Nine Issue, Lost World, Odyssey
Issue 16, May 1997 Fifth Element, 12 Monkeys, 40000 Leagues Under the Sea
Issue 15, February 1997 B5 Biblical References, TV Reviews, Star Wars Trilogy
Issue 14, December 1996 TV Reviews, First Contact
Issue 13, October 1996 Star Trek Lite, 10 Most Overused Trek Plotlines
Issue 12, July 1996 Space: Above & Beyond Obituary, Best to Worst Sci-Fi Shows, Independence Day
Issue 11, June 1996 Babylon 5: A Triumph in Television
Issue 10, April 1996 Why B5 is so Awesome
Issue 9, March 1996 Gulliver's Travels, Old Sci-Fi on TV & in Movies, Top 10 Sci-Fi Films
Issue 8, February 1996 Classic Trek Sequels, Star Trek: Vomiter
Issue 7, December 1995 More Tiresome Sci-Fi Plotlines, TV Reviews
Issue 6, October 1995 Defying Theory of Relativity, New Season Review II
Issue 5, September 1995 New Season Review I, Waterworld, Batman Forever
Issue 4, May 1995 Most Tiresome Sci-Fi Plotlines, Earth 2 Cancelled
Issue 3, February 1995 Comparing Old & New Trek
Issue 2, January 1995 Voyager First Impressions, Salvaging Star Trek V
Issue 1, November 1994 TV Sci-Fi General Observations
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