Washington DC

April 2009

Washington Monument

World War II Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln

Reflecting Pool

Vietnam War Memorial

A World War I Memorial

White House, South Side

White House, North Side

If the Treasury needs more money, they'll just print more.

Andrew Jackson, Lafayette Park

U.S. Capitol, West Side

U.S. Capitol & Cherry Blossoms

U.S. Capitol, East Side

Ceiling Inside Capitol Dome

U.S. Supreme Court

Library of Congress

Cherry Blossoms

Jefferson Memorial

Mount Vernon

Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetary

Marine Corps Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln's Hat, Smithsonian Museum of American History

Apollo 11 Capsule & Bozo Standing in the Way, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Lunar Module, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Top of Washington Monument Looking East

Top of Washington Monument, Looking South

National Archives

Top of Sears Tower Looking Down

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