Carnival Caribbean Cruise

Grand Cayman, November 2013

The west side of Grand Cayman. The water on the far side is the North Sound.

Roaming the island in a Mustang convertible! The route is marked in red on the map above. The island is 22 miles long. We didn't find Mitt Romney's secret cash stash.

The north shore.

Lunch site on the north shore (marked by the blue arrow on the map above).

The Milo plant. Note the traffic on the wrong (i.e. left, opposite of right) side of the road.

The place gets its name from the hellish rock formation in back (marked by the red arrow on the map above).

There are cocks everywhere on this island!

The Carnival Legend in the background at the beach (marked by the black arrow on the map above).

Cayman dollar, worth about $1.25 American dollar.

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