Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
About the Author
Milo Swanton started writing stories as soon as he could write (second grade). His first big purchase from his paper route money was an electric typewriter.
Milo enjoys epic stories with intricate plots and lots of characters. He wrote his first novel during college after watching the epic movie El Cid and wanting to write something like it. A rewrite of this novel, The Imperial Swords, is a possible sequel to Fealty to the King.
Milo grew up in Wisconsin and earned a bachelor's degree in computer science and mathematics. His software engineering career included work on military, medical device, and air traffic control applications. He lives with his wife and wedlock mother in Minnesota.
Other Interests
History. Milo's favorite high school class was history. He read every book in his high school library about World War II, including William Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and all six volumes of Winston Churchill's memoirs. When he took a Western Civilizations course in college, he read the whole textbook in the first few weeks.
Genealogy. Milo's interest in history includes family history. He traveled with his wife to Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin during the first years of their marriage to visit places where her ancestors lived. Milo's ancestors all lived in Wisconsin.
Travel. Milo has visited all 50 states. The last one he reached was Nevada in 1995. His travels include two drives he always wanted to do, the Florida Keys highway and the Alaska highway, both done in 1989.
Science Fiction. All-Time Favorite Shows: Babylon 5, Star Trek (especially original series), new Battlestar Galactica, Earth 2.
Indy 500. Milo has been fascinated by the Indianapolis 500 since watching it on television in 1972 and has attended every Indy 500 since 1984. He once drove a lap around the speedway in his 1988 Pontiac Firebird. His all-time favorite driver is Mario Andretti.
Sports. Milo is a youth basketball and soccer referee.
Milo Swanton