Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Table of Contents
Key: Title (Location - Point of View Characters)
Destiny (Recorded Year 860)
To Benefit the Clan (Swanshyim Forest - Brutez, Klinteg, and Vulrath)
Back He Must Go (Taubueth - Brutez and Zamtoth)
The Parchment Contains Words (Tauzzreen River - Jorgis and Thoiren)
Loyal Companion (Pultanik - Vinlon)
Live or Die (Taubueth - Brutez)
What's Left of It (Agratuna - Shemjib)
Clanlord of the Herkt (Taubueth - Brutez)
Deal (Biepazz - Majdel)
To Me He's Ugly (Taubueth - Yeemzal)
Secrets (Fenzdiwerp - Vinlon and Kevyar)
Just His Head (Taubueth - Brutez)
Conflagration Waiting to Happen (Habergenefinanch - Vinlon)
I Prefer Green (Kipneesh River - Brutez)
Vision (Recorded Year 861)
Citadels (Black Citadel - Brutez)
Best News (Taubueth - Zamtoth)
Reunions (Taubueth - Majdel)
Her Pies are Delicious (Green Citadel - Brutez, Sejel, and Beksel)
His Name is Thoiren (Near Pinkulda - Hamunth and Kevyar)
Rash (Taubueth - Brutez)
Thoughts of a Maiden (Agratuna - Sangern)
The Chizdekyim Way (Swanshyim Forest - Brutez and Hamunth)
Prodigy of Banshim's Anvil (Fenzdiwerp - Vinlon and Jaspich)
Amends (Pinkulda - Kevyar and Brutez)
It's Your Color (Ranjin - Nelber)
A Strong Man (Taubueth - Vinlon, Grebnar, Brutez, and Beksel)
General Conflagration (Habergenefinanch - Vinlon)
Sudden Family (Doesim Falls - Brutez)
What I Have for You Better Stab your Heart (Pultanik - Jaspich)
The Tribemaster Likes His Banners (Pultanik - Brutez and Vinlon)
Knowledge (Recorded Year 863)
Mark of Cain (Chizdek - Hamunth)
Consummated in Blood (Agratuna - Brutez and Wikston)
Kill Grebnar (Black Citadel - Sejel)
Consummated in Tears (Near Pinkulda - Jorgis)
The Biggest (Biepazz - Brutez)
Consummated in Love (Agratuna - Sangern)
Hojyim Colors (Ranjin - Hoj and Nelber)
Written in the Snarshyim Language (Taubueth - Brutez)
Name Change (Nanch - Nelber, Vinlon, and Hoj)
Downfall of the Empire (Near Pinkulda - Jorgis and Brutez)
Greatness (Recorded Year 868)
Done by High Summer (Taubueth - Brutez and Beksel)
All Our Forces (Black Citadel - Grebnar and Puutnam)
To Taubueth (Nanch - Jaspich)
Battle Pennants (Taubueth - Yeemzal and Vikth)
Lord of the Snarshyimt (Taubueth - Brutez and Hamunth)
A Snarshyim Kingdom (Taubueth - Vinlon, Kevyar, Hoj, and Brutez)