Fealty to the King
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Creating Characters
September 6, 2014
Twice while writing Fealty to the King I found myself at my keyboard thinking,
What is Fealty?
July 2, 2014
I'm surprised more people don't know what fealty means. To say it in two
World Building
June 17, 2014
I never decided one day to create a world. It merely happened over many
Historical Fantasy?
May 31, 2014
When somebody asked me about my book, I couldn't easily fit it into a broad
The Joy of Writing
May 28, 2014
Here it is, the first posting for my book website blog. As I realize my lifelong
What is Fealty?
July 2, 2014 - I'm surprised more people don't know what fealty means. To say it in two words, it's formal loyalty, or as Webster's defines it, the fidelity of a vassel or feudal tenant to his lord.
I suppose my introduction to the term came when I watched the epic movie El Cid in a scene featuring the great Charleton Heston.
King Alfonso. Castilians, God has called upon me to become your king. I now call upon you to kneel in sign of fealty. Rodrigo of Vivar, called the Cid, why do you alone refuse me fealty?
Rodrigo (Heston). Sire, all those you see here, though none dare say so, harbor the suspicion that you may have counseled your own brother's death. Unless you can prove your innocence,you will have no loyal subjects. Your kingdom will be torn by doubt. Thus I cannot give you fealty nor own you as my liege.
Quotes from the Novel
Brutez stepped away to one side by the crowd, and Klinteg took the place by the iron blooddrop, facing him. He held his axe upright with one arm extended from his body, setting the butt of its shaft on the ground. "Hail the Herkyim warrior Brutez! If I fall, do you pledge fealty to him as clanlord?"
"Hail the Herkyim warrior Brutez! If you fall, we pledge fealty to him as clanlord!" the swordsmen shouted.
Nelber raised his hands. "I've looked up many nights and wondered about the all-knowing and ever-present God. I didn't know to call him that, but I knew he was there. I want to declare fealty to this God. Do you have a ceremony?"
"Tribemaster Warnek," a woman's voice called from the back of the assembly. All looked to the woman dressed in pink. "Will you declare fealty to the king?"
Milo Swanton