Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Quotes from the Novel
The Tauzzreen River splintered into branches like a watery tree before flowing into the bay by Ranjin. The Druogoinyim settlement wasn't as much a town as scattered huts on the delta's isles that were high enough to remain dry when the river flooded.
The Druogoint excelled at clothesmaking, and looking at the crew's tattered clothing, Nelber figured his tribe had much to offer in terms of garments.
They were inside a tent, one of many within the new Taubueth fortress. It was like the others, square with a center pole supporting a pointed roof. The Druopoint brought them, all made from red and white fine-spun cloth that was translucent to daylight.
"My tribe is most skilled with cloth."
The torrent sounded like ocean surf, although steadier than the rhythmic crashing of waves, so on second thought, Jaspich likened it to the pounding of hooves. He had watched the Druogoint race mounts. Perhaps a hundred equines could thunder the same intensity as he was hearing.
Vinlon saw riders moving amid the dust, higher than the heads and waving hands of the cheering men, and then he realized equines were racing. He missed the Druogoinyim spectacle of equines racing, not witnessing one since his last trip to Ranjin decades ago.
Clans & Tribes