Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Quotes from the Novel
Hamunth stepped outside to a terrace overlooking the Chizdek River where it flowed into the Chizdekyim Inlet. A town sprawled across the valley in a random arrangement of buildings roofed with carnelian tiles.
The castle backing Hamunth's terrace was a wilting structure of loose stones, built by the Chizdekyimt centuries ago when they ruled from Chizdek. It rambled on the valley slope, a collection of walls and towers as mixed as the buildings in the town.
The chief sat in a great stone chair, a sculpture of hooded serpants built into the wall. Hamunthyim banners hung from the stony mouths, giving the serpents amber forked tongues.
Chief Hamunth never married. None of his eight children had the same mother, except for a pair of full brothers, and one of them, Buerosh, killed the other. Hamunth hardly could fault his oldest son, other than the foolhardy purpose of fighting over a woman, because he slew his older brother but for a better reason: to become chief.
He left Buerosh at Chizdek to let him think he was leading the tribe, and to see if the young man would dare organize a revolt while he was gone. Hamunth's most loyal men would make sure he didn't.
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