Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Quotes from the Novel
Brutez lived among the Jatneryimt long enough to know they called the stronghold at Doenesh the Green Citadel, in like manner they referred to the lava rock fortress at Mapvin as the Black Citadel.
Doenesh was built on a flat parcel of ground, rare for this part of the Swanshyim Forest.
Vines covered a wall, so thick even without leaves, he couldn't have determined whether the wall was built from wood or stone, but he knew. This wasn't his first visit to the stronghold at Doenesh, the Green Citadel of the Jatneryimt and home of their leader Sir Rendif.
The walls were both wood and stone, timber atop a rocky foundation. When the vines sprouted leaves, the citadel truly would be green.
A greater number of Jatneryimt wore helmets and brandished incisive armaments, wielding more spears and swords than the Herkt did with their battering implements.
"The Snarshyim forebears of the Jatneryimt were the second wave. They occupied the lands of the Swansh, killing all the men and boys."
"The Jatneryimt took the Swanshyim women and raised the girls to be wives, so you warriors of the Green and Black Citadels are descended from the Swansh and the Snarshyimt."
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