Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Quotes from the Novel
The barren landscape of Kradig was flat except for rocks and whitish clumps of salt.
The incessant surf thumped the sandy beach. The Feldramt once told Shemjib how a north wind caused the roughest sea. The waves swelled from a far northern ocean and propagated down a wide sea passage a hundred and fifty horizons in length before hammering this coast, twenty-five horizons wide at the southern end. The passage was called the Snarshyim Inlet.
A dozen or so armed men emerged from behind higher outcroppings of rock. They wore hooded drab-brown wide-sleeved cloaks that reached their ankles. Some wielded hand axes. Others held spears. Shemjib relaxed when he saw brown dual-triangle banners flapping from the speartips. He signaled Rankeb and Konrash to put away their weapons. The newcomers were Feldramt, not bandits or Jatneryimt.
A moat, filling with tidewater from the Snarshyim Inlet, separated the outer berm from the next one within. A rocky isthmus, gapped by channels for allowing the tide through, was topped by wood planks for crossing the ditch. The riders went through three more berms and over the two moats between them in order to enter Agratuna.
Lord Chieftain Feldram was raven-haired like his son. His eyes and the furs on his body were brown, the color of the Feldramyim banner.
Each clan and tribe prepared a banquet, welcoming any visitors. The Feldramt offered selections from the sea, fish and crustaceans.
Clans & Tribes