Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Quotes from the Novel
The Swenikt lived eastward the Herkt. More peaceable than their warring neighbors, they paid an annual tribute of grain and livestock to the Herkt to be left alone. Instead of fighting, they concentrated on extracting good yield from the soil, so on the autumn day when the amount of daylight equaled the length of night, they gathered to celebrate a bumper crop.
The warriors were equipped with the usual Swenikyim armaments--shortswords, throwing hammers, and bucklers, also some helmets and hauberks, a few spears, and plenty of cobalt blue pennants.
The ruined fortress of Pinkulda overlooked them from a ridge on their left. It wasn't much more than heaps of boulders, except for a crumbling moss-ridden stone wall running between two mounds that once were towers.
Nothing in Swenikyim folklore remembered anything about the place's origin or destruction. Chief Thoiren told plenty of stories during his lifetime but none about Pinkulda.
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