Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Quotes from the Novel
"Jorgis found a stash of these scrolls in a cave between the two long lakes during his return from Chizdek last autumn. His quest is to translate them."
Vinlon knew nothing about any scrolls, so Jaspich told him about the two rolled parchments Jorgis and Pokyer found in a cave. Nelber became excited whenever he talked about them.
The stars rotated during the year, except the four brightest ones strayed from the fixed pattern. The brightest one, the moonstar, pierced the night within the brilliance of the moon. It was an unwavering beacon, calling to Nelber more than any object in the heavens. He sensed intelligence up there and wanted to communicate with it.
"The scrolls enthralled me," said Hoj. "I was compelled to go."
Kulm stood dripping from the top of his head as did Nelber. "Do I get a robe?"
Nelber wouldn't deny his son the honor. "I'll wear one, too. We'll wear your Hojyim colors."
The three men in pink and black robes carried armloads and sacks full of scrolls.
"Why are your robes pink and black?"
Jorgis supposed he was a Hojyim, too, and maybe Adam.
Clans & Tribes