Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Battle Pennant!
Quotes from the Novel
If not for the solid construction by Taubueth's builders, the stronghold long would have crumbled to rubble from lack of care. The forest advanced to the base of the wall, and a thick mass of trees invaded one end of the courtyard. The Herkt occupied Taubueth for centuries only because it was there, for they never constructed much.
"You Herkt most adore your weapons when you can bludgeon somebody with them."
Although some had spears, most carried axes, war hammers, and cudgels.
They kept coming, dressed in skins and carrying axes, war hammers, cudgels, and maces. Kevyar saw hairy heads, since few wore helmets, and blooddrop pennants. They were Herkt, he realized.
The Herkt appeared eastward on the other bank with red blooddrop pennants and mauling weapons, although some carried swords or spears.
"We Herkt have a tradition called tournament. When someone makes a challenge to lead the clan, the matter's resolved by dueling to the death."
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