Fealty to the King
The epic novel by Milo Swanton now for sale.
Historical Fantasy
Quotes from the Novel
After the meal, Banshim presented his work in progress. The blade already was fired many times, giving the metal a blue tinge, and the forger promised his new alloy would make the lightest and strongest weapon Vinlon ever wielded.
Banshim told Vinlon to see Leenarth, saying the master archer developed a new bowstring that could fire arrows an extra twenty cubits. Although innovations delighted Vinlon, who encouraged the Warnekt to pursue them, he decided not to visit Leenarth until morning.
"Nelber will verify I'm getting your best weaponry, Warnek," said Druogoin. "He saw what you sent to Richee. Fine workmanship."
Several forays were repulsed by the precise marksmanship of the defending archers. The Druogoint fired flaming arrows at the town, but they couldn't get close enough against the longer-range bows designed by Leenarth.
Radzig continued, "You should visit the mill near the inn. The miller has devised an ingenious way for the waterfall to turn his grindstone."
"I'll do that," said Vinlon, trying to sound more enthusiastic than he felt. He wanted Radzig to keep informing him about innovations, but he saw a waterwheel at Doesim Falls.
Brutez sighed from relieving his gorged bladder into the streamer. The long ceramic trough ran along the rooflines of shacks in the town the Warnekt called a camp. This streamer flowed to the ocean, buttressed over the streets on pairs of crossed poles. The other one went to the river. Although accustomed to innovations from the clever Warnekt, Brutez didn't see the value of this one in improving sanitation. Livestock and wandering canines and felines still defacated in the streets.
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